The Heartland Public Shooting Park features four lighted ranges for trap, a specific form of clay target shooting using a shotgun. The 4 ¼-inch discs, known as “pigeons” or “birds,” are shot through the air at varying angles using a single oscillating machine known as a “house” or “bunker.”

In American Trap, the clays travel away from the shooter at a speed of 45 mph, simulating the path of a bird fleeing a hunter. Shooters know the target’s point of origin but not its angle.

Trap shooters shoot five shots from each of five different points on a semicircular field for a total of 25 shots per round. If a target is hit, it’s considered “dead.” If not, it’s “lost.”

Dating back to the 1800s, trapshooting involves movement, action and split-second timing, making it enjoyable for shooters of all ages, incomes and abilities.

Heartland Public Shooting Park

The Heartland Public Shooting Park is one of the largest, most complete public shooting facilities in the Midwest.