Join our Volunteer Program

The Heartland Public Shooting Park looks forward to working with a robust volunteer force to help foster an enhanced sense of community, and advanced opportunities for the shooting sports in Central Nebraska and beyond.

With volunteerism, comes benefits. We have outlined our plan below and look forward to working with anyone interested in working with us to help make the park a fun, welcoming environment for everyone.


  1. For each 8 hours of volunteer work provided to the Heartland Public Shooting Park, volunteers will receive either a free entry into a shoot or monthly match held at the park, or a 100 clay credit.
  2. If a volunteer accrues 40 hours of volunteer work at the Heartland Public Shooting Park, they will be eligible to participate in the Hornady Shootable/Cosmetic Blemish Ammunition program the following calendar month after they have met the 40 hour requirement.
    • This program entitles the recipient to 20 boxes of shootable cosmetically blemished ammunition at no charge.  Limitations and quantities apply.
  3. If a volunteer works a minimum of one full day (minimum 8 hours) of a major match like Area 3 or Zombies in the Heartland, they may shoot that match for free. If they do not shoot that style of match, they can elect to receive a card with a 100 clay credit for use at any shotgun venue in the park or entry to one league or monthly shoot of their choice.
  4. If a volunteer works a minimum of one full day (minimum 8 hours) at a shotgun event either pulling, scoring, or filling machines, they will receive a card with a 100 clay credit. If they are not a shotgun shooter, they may shoot the next monthly match of their choice for free.
  5. Other projects around the park may also be used to receive free entry into monthly matches. A volunteer working 8 hours per month (minimum) will receive entry to a monthly match of their choosing or a card with a 100 clay credit. Volunteers will be required to pay upload fees if a match requires it.
  6. Daily shotgun prices for volunteers will be set at “Youth/Volunteer” pricing.  To activate this benefit, 8 hours of work per month is required to maintain this pricing.  This perk becomes effective after a volunteer has completed 8 hours of volunteer time and is active for one calendar month e.g. work 8 hours on June 17, you have the rest of June to use your special pricing. To qualify for July, another 8 hours must be worked.  NOTE: We’ll be flexible with this.  We want people to enjoy the perks of their volunteer time.
  7. Shotgun venues will only be available during park hours. Off hours will be on a case-by-case basis if the volunteer has been trained to operate the equipment.
  8. The public rifle, handgun and rimfire range will be available for shooting use by qualified volunteers during times when the park is closed to the public.
    • To activate this privilege, volunteers must provide proof of current status as an NRA RSO, NROI RO, LE or Military certified marksmanship/firearms trainer, and have met their monthly volunteer hours requirementof 8 hours.
    • Shooters will notify park personnel that they will be shooting by text, phone call or email in advance of activity to any park management personnel.
    • Acknowledgement by park management that the volunteer will be shooting is required prior to shooting. NOTE: there may be times when special events preclude the availability of the park by volunteers in on/off hours of operation.
    • Shooters will also notify park personnel of their departure using the same communication methods.
    • REQUIREMENT: Shooters must always have an active cellular phone on their person during use of the park to contact emergency medical personnel or park management.
    • Volunteers will need to provide their own paper targets and pasters and will be required to leave the range as they found it or better.
  9. Action bays follow the same requirements as the public range. Communication with park staff must be made prior to use and nothing that has been set for a match may be altered or disturbed.
  10. It will be the volunteer’s responsibility to record and keep track of their hours in the log kept in the club house. Approval of hours worked will be signed off and agreed upon by park management.
  11. Bonus: Volunteers may be provided with t-shirts and hats from time to time.

We look forward to working with you – THANK YOU!

Heartland Public Shooting Park Management