Sporting Clays

Often referred to as “golf with a shotgun,” sporting clays’ varying terrain and the random nature of its targets make it one of the most realistic bird-hunting simulations. The Heartland Public Shooting Park features a 10-station sporting clays range.

The sport uses six different sizes of clay targets, which can be thrown from literally any angle or distance. The target’s speed, angle and distance vary with each station.

Typically shot in squads of two to six people, any shotgun that’s in safe working condition, capable of firing two shots, may be used.

With targets and terrain that simulate hunting for ducks, pheasants and other upland birds, sporting clays provide a good way to advance wing-shooting skills during the offseason.

Heartland Public Shooting Park

The Heartland Public Shooting Park is one of the largest, most complete public shooting facilities in the Midwest.